Dry Shampoo: Does it Work?

dry-shampoo1We all have days when our hair is greasy and, well, “meh”. If you have long hair, the last thing you want to do is wash your constantly wash your hair. Not only is it damaging to wash your hair that often (shampooing often strips color and natural oils from your hair, according to Regis hairstylist Shannon), but also who has time to wash their long hair every day? Continue reading →

Should you Get Married?

With all the Royal Wedding hype over the last few months, it got me thinking about weddings and why people get married. Obviously, marriage means different things to different people, and sometimes that’s dependent on culture’s or society’s ideas, but sometimes it comes down to individual differences.

Many people believe that marriage should be a partnership between two people who love each other and support each other through anything, where no obstacle is too much for them to handle and there are plenty of happy memories and laughter to share.

Other people think differently. A conversation with some friends struck me.  I realized how differently everyone seems to live; some friends have parents who are still together unhappily or parents who appear to be happy despite regularly arguing. Other friends come from broken homes, which is a whole different lifestyle and childhood altogether.

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China’s Water Dilemma: Flooded with Problems

China has been consistently dealing with natural disasters in the recent years. While this nation is attempting to recover, there is a heavier problem arising upon them. The rainy season in China occurs annually, usually between July and August. There has been an abundance of rain, causing increasing water levels in numerous reservoirs throughout the country. This is a dire situation for their government, environmental agencies, and the estimated population of over 4 billion people.

Floods from the excess amounts of rain have caused floods in about 10 cities in Zhejiang last week; while the Qingyi and Shuiyang rivers both rising above safe levels. There are millions of residents across China, being severely affected by flooding and subsequent mudslides. As many as over 600 reservoirs in the Anhui province have been flooding over safety levels and as a result, water needs to be pumped out to prevent further issues. The Drought Relief Headquarters and the Yellow River Flood Control have been monitoring and discharging water from other reservoirs such locations in Xiaolangdi and Wanjiazhai. This is a major problem that has officials monitoring all rivers, reservoirs, and other water levels for possible flooding.

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Teens: How to Cope with Being a Teenager

I know sometimes its pretty hard for people to talk to their parents or have a proper strong relationship with them. They may always moan and nag at you but they still will be there for you always! I know many people who have needed to speak to their parents about things related to sex and relationships but they just can’t as their parents would say, “you should be working on your school work not on relationships”. Or, “you are too young for sex”. They think there’s nothing more to a teens life than school, friends and facebook!

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